Create Your Very Own Sedona Vortex Retreat

All the retreats at Sedona Vortex Retreats were created to help you experience the true beauty of Sedona in an up close and personal way by allowing the energy of the vortexes to uplift and renew you–and helping you expand in ways you may not have even known were possible.

We also recognize that you are a unique and multi-faceted human being with your own individual journey and inner intelligence. And because of this, we’re happy to assist you in modifying any of the retreats to better suit your needs and desires. You can check out the full listing of Vortex Sessions we offer, and our Vortex Tours as well, and then call us to discuss a plan for you.

  • Are you working on something specific?

  • Do you feel the need to make a profound breakthrough in your life?

  • Is Sedona calling you in a very special way?

Our sages are also masterful in helping you create your own completely unique and personalized retreat from scratch. Your retreat can be any length of time you choose and be focused on the things that matter most to you.

Call us today and speak with our Sedona Sage at (928) 282-0993. Tell us what’s happening at this point in your life and we can make suggestions based on our own intuition and experience. Together, we’ll create the perfect Sedona retreat for you at this stage of your journey.

Take a look at our extensive menu of Vortex Sessions and Vortex Tours.

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If you are planning on getting married in Sedona AZ, we can help you with your Sedona wedding.

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