The Sedona Meditation Retreat gives you the time and space to dive deeper into your own interior landscape while surrounded by the serene atmosphere of Sedona. Breathe in the beauty all around you… and let go of the world.

You’ll learn powerful meditation techniques that tap into Sedona’s vortex energy to ground you, clear your mind, bring peace into your being and strengthen your connection to Spirit.

The Sedona Meditation Retreat includes:

A Vortex Experience and Meditation

Learn all about the energies of the Sedona vortexes, how they will be affecting you during your stay, and how to harness their energies for growth and clarity in your life. Set strong intentions for your own personal growth and meditation practice. You will experience a guided meditation on the rocks.
(3 hours)

Pranayama and Meditation Experience of Daily Life

Adding a daily practice of very simple breathing techniques and quick easy-to-do meditations will bring great peace and joy to your life. Learn how to center and ground yourself as you step into the “I” of the hurricane around you.
(2 hours)

Gong Meditation

The gong has been used for thousands of years in many cultures as a tool for healing and enhancing meditation.You will learn how to allow the vibration of the many gongs used in a ‘Gong                 Bath’  to penetrate every cell and molecule of your body to bring you to a deep state of relaxation.  The sound of the gongs will stimulate your glandular system and facilitate the removal of                 old emotional blocks.  A Gong Meditation will unleash your inner joy and creativity and bring you to a deep state of Inner Peace and Harmony  (2 hours)

Stupa Meditation Experience with Closing Medicine Wheel Ceremony

It is a great honor in a lifetime to experience the blessings of a stupa. A stupa represents the enlightened mind of the Buddha. Sedona is home to the beautiful Amitabha Stupa, which you will circumnavigate in a walking meditation. Your guide will share with you the history of the stupa and you will also experience prayer wheels. This is a deeply relaxing, renewing and empowering experience.

(3 hours)

The Sedona Meditation Retreat is typically 2 to 2.5 days long.

$1250. (one person)

$1,550. (2 people)

$1,850.  (3 people)

$2,150.  (4 people)

Plus all applicable taxes and 20% gratuity

(Accommodations and meals are not included. We will gladly help you with your lodging, should you need assistance.)

A la Carte Sessions to Take Your Retreat Even Deeper

You may also like to add additional experiences and sessions while you are here. We recommend:

A Sedona Guided Red Rock Hike

Can’t wait to get out on those red rocks and hike? Are you longing for fresh air in your lungs and a swing in your step? Want to learn a little about the geology, history, wildlife and local lore? Our guides love nothing more than to get out on the land and share its richness and beauty with you. Sedona hiking is tailored to your ability.

Iala doing yoga on sedona spa retreatA Sedona Vortex Yoga Experience

Enjoy the amazing experience of yoga on the rocks! You will do poses attuned to the individual energy of each vortex and learn how to translate the energy into movement. Cleanse and purify, activate and energize your chakras. This is a whole new spin on power yoga! This is sacred vortex power yoga! Here in Sedona, the East meets the Southwest and will never be the same again. The vortexes are daily revealing new poses such as Butte Pose, Raven Pose, Roadrunner Pose, Thunderbird and more! You will experience hiking, asanas and meditation on a Sedona power spot with one of Sedona’s finest teachers! OM SHANTI!

An Ayurvedic Consultation

This is an ancient tradition. Fire, water, earth or air. Everyone has a unique combination of doshas. Understanding your doshas and how they affect your life and choices can be extremely beneficial. Balancing your dosha will bring great expansion to your life. You will learn breath work, meditations and even yoga asanas to assist you in centering yourself.

You may also choose to add additional experiences to your retreat or any of our 20+ retreat sessions.

water falling into cave area in sedona red rocksThe Sedona Meditation Retreat helps you strengthen your mindfulness and inner connection using the power of the vortexes. To gain more insight about what the Sedona Meditaiton Retreat or any of our Sedona retreats can do for you, call us at (928) 282-0993.