Are you in a time where you are unclear as to your purpose? Have you become confused as to what steps to take next to keep you on track?  A Spiritual Sedona Finding Purpose Retreat can bring the clarity needed.

The Finding Purpose Retreat was created to gently remind you of what you already know on a deeper level — your gifts to this life. Some of the techniques that we’ll guide you in include a Sedona Vortex Remembering, including Spirit Coaching, Sacred Journaling, and Jin Shin, as well as a red rock Sunset Meditation and Renewal. Each session reveals different ways in which you can reconnect with your true life purpose.

The Vortex Remembering allows you to spend time in the natural energies of Sedona identifying what you need to release — and what you want to invite in. Out on the gorgeous red rocks this area is famous for, you can transition from your every day life concerns to seeing the bigger picture.

All of our retreats are private, so you can feel safe to begin shedding the confusions that may be clouding your inner knowing. Each retreat is also tailored to your individual needs, so you need never fear that your guides will push you past where you are confortable exploring. Instead, time can be taken for all to unfold in its authentic perfection.

You can help yourself on this journey before you even come to Sedona.  Take some time to sit with yourself, and identify where you feel blocked or stagnated. Write down what you find or just keep it in mind.  It is said that the Sedona vortex energies act to magnify your focus. Your Vortex Remembering experience will be all the more powerful if you bring self-awareness with you. Of course, knowing that you don’t know is also self-awareness!  It’s perfectly fine to begin your retreat with allowing yourself to be unsure, and simply remain open to what comes… Our amazing guides and the Sedona vortex energy will do the rest.



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