A lot of people who visit Sedona, often say that they experienced an energetic force. Locals say that the Sedona vortexes are where energy lines come together to create a place of power that helps one’s perspective a little more clearer on something they’ve been seeking in their spiritual journey.


Hiking Sedona’s energy vortex

Native American’s believe that by creating your own “vortex” around the sun and stating your intentions, you’ll find peace for those intentions. And so, we all made triangles, stared at the sun and stated our intentions at the base of the Kachina Woman. A few minutes later, and clearly affected by the state of the energy fields, she announced that the vortex was very strong today… Read more at Boston.com

Choosing a hiking trail is the more complicated side of the Sedona Vortex hiking equation. Cow Pies are one of those off-beat vortexes, a place thought to harbor energy and spiritual powers.  This trail should be on your bucket list. Cow Pies trail and most of the other Red Rock Country trails are short.


Sedona vortex hike

Renowned for its come-hither, otherworldly beauty, Sedona is like a quivering supernova on the Arizona landscape. The mere mention of the “S-word” sends me scrambling to assemble my gear in a heart palpitating must-go-hiking frenzy.  Alas, this is what addiction must feel like.  Thankfully the “fix” for a Sedona hiking Jones is benign (except, of course, for the whole $4 gas thing). Obnoxious fuel costs notwithstanding, when the Sirens of Sedona call… Read more at ArizonaHiking.Blogspot.com


Adventure to An Unknown Sedona Vortex

Join in as we explore one of the lesser known Sedona Vortex locations!… Watch here

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