Private, World Class Sedona Retreats
for Spiritual Awakening

Experience Sedona’s
Powerful Vortex Energies

Spiritual Transformation Doesn’t Just Happen Because You Visit Sedona, Arizona…

But the good news is there ARE ways you can maximize the potential for transformation while you’re here.

Sedona Vortex Retreats helps you find the spiritual renewal you’re seeking when you make the trek to Sedona. Call Now (928)282-0993

What makes our retreats so outstanding?

You’ll go right into the heart
of the vortex energy

Oh, those gorgeous red rocks.

That amazing energy!

You want to be right in the middle of it.

Not stuck in a building or whizzing past it in a jeep.

You’ll want to put your hands on the rocks and your feet on the earth and feel the closeness of nature and the pulse of spiritual energy all around you.

We get it. You’re coming to Sedona to experience the magic.

And to remove yourself from your everyday world.

That’s what makes our retreats so unique.

We’re one of a tiny handful of companies companies selected by the US Forest Service who can legally take you right out on the rocks to do spiritual and shamanic work with you directly at the vortex sites.

“I wanted you to know that my personal retreat today was the most powerful spiritual experience I’ve had thus far in my life.”  — Mary Ellen Connett


You’ll be guided by world class
guides, counselors and healers

Shaman Akal with the gang of the WWE

You know, it’s really not that difficult to locate a vortex site.

But it’s another thing entirely to be guided by experts who know how to work with Sedona’s powerful vortex energies.

They’ll guide you in connecting deeply with Spirit.

They’ll help you remove the blocks that prevent your own connection.

And they’ll move your heart, mind and soul to a place where your spirit can soar.

“This was one of the best experiences for myself and my friend, too. We had an absolutely wonderful, heart lifting, spirit-cleansing, brain expanding and joyous experience. Godspeed the same to all of you.”


You’ll follow a schedule tailored perfectly to you and your goals

After all, with a private retreat, it’s all about you.

And that means you individually (and with any special souls you choose to go on retreat with).

Your goals.

Your connection.

Your experiences.

Your transformation.

Not some random group of people.

This is your time to connect and go deeper.

So you’ll choose a retreat package that resonates strongly with you. And then you’ll be guided to customize your schedule to align closely with your innermost goals and desires.

“I don’t think I could ever come close to saying enough that would completely express how much we loved our experience. I would recommend this to anyone, at any time, for any reason if you are seeking this kind of experience. Open your heart, come here and be rejuvenated and inspired by these souls who will make sure you leave with a smile on your face and in your heart! ” — Roxanne Denise Flynn-Webb 

Make your trek to Sedona the next step in your spiritual awakening. Call Now (928)282-0993

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Vortex Immersion Retreat

A spiral of transformation in Sedona’s sacred power spots.

Couple’s Connection Retreat

Time for a deeper spiritual connection with your beloved.

Healing Journey Retreat

Focused personal healing of body, mind and spirit.

Shamanic Journey Retreat

Your own vision quest of medicine ceremony and teachings.

Sedona Getaway Retreat

A playful vortex escape for friends, family members or solo adventurers.

Finding Purpose Retreat

A journey of discovery about your own unique purpose on the planet.

Vortex Yoga Retreat

Asanas, breath work and meditation powered by vortex energy.

De-Stress Your Life Retreat

An intentional unwinding to calm your mind, open your heart & let go of stress.

Sedona Meditation Retreat

An exploration of your interior world amplified by vortex energy.

Millions of People Visit Sedona Each Year Seeking a Spiritual Experience...

And Many Leave Without It!

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