Customize your retreat with the experience of your choice:

the original sedona vortex tourThe Sedona Vortex Experience

This is the original Sedona vortex experience
out on the land in the heart of the energy. This
experience is a must do for any Sedona Vortex Retreat.
You’ll learn to harness the energy of the vortex to
release old patterns, set intentions, create forgiveness
and emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Our
guides are all highly intuitive and will assist you in tuning into the energy and
using it to make positive and powerful change in your life.  (See More)
(2 hours – $240.  3 hours – $360 plus 20% gratuity)

yogatourThe Sedona Yoga Experience

Enjoy the amazing experience of sacred vortex
yoga–yoga out on the rocks with poses attuned to
the individual energy of each vortex. Our teachers
have years of experience and will create a flow that
will enhance and elevate your practice.
(2 hours – $240. plus 20% gratuity)  (See More)

medicinewheeltourThe Medicine Wheel Experience

special experience visiting several private medicine wheels where you’ll experience sacred ceremony, drumming and songs, medicine teachings, smudging and aura clearing. You’ll learn about the Medicine Wheel and the local Medicine teachings. You’ll have
the opportunity to get in touch with your own Medicine animals and teachers.  (2 hours – $240. plus 20% gratuity)  (See More)

medwheelcombotourThe Vortex-Medicine Wheel Combo Experience

powerful experience designed for maximum transformation — this is a combination of our amazing Medicine Wheel Experience and The Original Sedona Vortex Experience. Four hours gives you plenty of time to be in the power of the vortexes and integrate that with the Medicine Ways of the area. You’ll also receive a bottle of our Sedona Smudge. (4 hours – This is a special rate of $480. plus 20% gratuity)  (See More)

chakratourThe Sedona Chakra Experience

Enjoy the beauty and splendor of one of Sedona’s most incredible hikes and a ceremony to
cleanse, clear, energize and activate each one of your chakras. You’ll learn about each of your chakras and how to keep them clear and activated in your daily life.
(2.5 hours – $300.)  Combine this with a Kundalini Chakra Yoga Session on the Rocks (3.5 hours – $420. plus 20% gratuity)  (See More)

wakenyourpsychictourThe Awaken Your Intuitive Power Experience

rare opportunity to learn from one of our Intuitive Guides how to awaken and enhance your psychic abilities using the amazing energy fields of Sedona. We are all intuitive, learn how to trust your own inner knowing and your own connection. Plus a 15-minute Intuitive reading from your guide.  (See More)

$240. – 2 hrs for 1 person      $270.  – 2 hrs 15 min for 2 people
$300. – 2.5 hrs for 3 people   $330.  2 hrs 45 min for 4 people plus 20% gratuity on all

reikiontherockstourThe Reiki On The Rocks Experience

Experience Reiki on the red rocks at a Sedona power spot chosen to intensify and enhance your energy work session.  Imagine the intensified and amplified healing properties of Reiki on one of Sedona’s powerful energy vortexes!  (See More)  (2 hours – $240. for 1 person) plus tax & 20% gratuity
(3 hours – $360. for 2 people) plus tax