Finding Purpose Retreat
I must say that I can think of no other way to explore yourself than to escape into the energies at Sedona. Sedona Destinations did a great job coordinating my personal experience. I would like to thank all of my practitioners, especially Lynn who took me to my inner core and Lawrence for guiding me through the medicine wheel!!! I will be back to Sedona, for sure!! The energy there is amazing!

Date of experience: September 2018

Deanna McClintock- 5 star review

My friend and I did the Girlfriends Getaway last November. Although we both went for two very different reasons, we came out transformed people on the other end of our week. Akul, Patricia and Aurora are amazing at what they do and each of them brought something unique to our retreat experience. To say our time spent with them was life changing is a vast understatement. Sedona is a magical and mystical place and I cannot imagine experiencing it with anyone other than Sedona Vortex Retreats! We will be repeat customers for sure! The retreat itself was extremely well organised taking all the guess work out of everything. All we had to do was show up at the times we were given and they did all the rest. Truly a fantastic experience from start to finish and a ‘must do’ the next time you are in Sedona!

Diana Daly- 5 star review

My fiance and I came out for a couples retreat the first part of October. I would have to say that our expectations were not only met, but Iala and Akal far exceeded them! The experience as a whole was very pleasant and easy. Iala had organized our time and put together a personalized schedule that was specific to our needs as a couple. Every appointment/tour was well organized, convenient (picked up at our location) and timely. They are very professional in what they do. Akal was very intuitive and brought so much insight to both of us. He helped up to expand our energy to let go of many things that were not serving us and open our hearts to allow each other to step into each others space to be great! Our experiences with Patricia, Sharon and Cheryl were also pleasant, re-energizing and enhancing. I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of the services that are offered and we are anxious to come back to experience different services and discover new areas of Sedona. They know all the special little secrets that Sedona has to offer and they are happy to share them with their clients. We appreciate everything they did to make this journey a very special one!

Virginia Franklin- 5 star review

Healing, transformative, life changing experience!! Many thanks to Akal who is a kind, knowledgeable, and intuitive leader on the journey : )

Sylvie Huard Montgrain
Coming to Sedona was a dream I had for a while that I had on my vision board since 2012. It finally came true for me and I was there in the last week of February 2017. The experience was amazing and very liberating. I would like to thank Iala for organizing this wonderful retreat, as well as the amazing guides (Akal, Todd, Kazandrah) and healer (Miguel) in guiding me in my spiritual journey. There is only one thing I am sad of, is that I have to leave this incredible peaceful and energetic heaven. I hope one day to return to this great energy, peace of the vortex. Thank you again! God bless!

Amy Elizabeth
My daughter and I are so happy we participated in the Sedona Vortex Retreat. It was a powerfully healing, enlightening, guiding, clarifying, empowering experience. We just got back 2 weeks ago and we already want to go again. Akal was a calm and wise man who led us on our own personal journey to clarity and personal growth. I’m so grateful to him. Cheryl was delightful as we hiked Sugar Loaf and did supportive yoga and ayurveda discussion and experienced outstanding healing sessions of Jin Shin. The closing ceremony at the medicine wheel was profound for us both and an anchor we will always remember. A beautiful and powerful experience for which we feel so thankful. I will tell anyone and everyone not to hesitate to go to Sedona if feeling called there and to book Sedona Vortex Retreat definitely.

Nealane Riem
This was an experience I will always remember and treasure. It gave me the time to slow down and think and just be! All of the members who worked with me we’re professional and sincere in their desire to empower me with the tools needed for my life. I highly recommend you consider this experience as well! Thank you Iala and Akal for your dedication to guiding myself and others on our journey. A must do for anyone interested in learning more about the mystery of life itself! Sedona a a transformational spiritual location – what a blessing to discover as well.

Absolutely amazing, a life changing experience!! I did the Vortex Retreat during my first trip to Sedona last month. I’m so glad I found this program which turned my trip into an experience I will take with me always!! Iala the coordinator was so helpful while booking my adventure. Akal and Kazandrah as guides were so intuitive, knowledgeable and kind. We went to some major attractions and some hidden gems to experience the energy of the vortexes, the medicine wheels, and the gorgeous scenery. We also had a sound healing session that was truly transformative. I cannot wait to bring friends and family back to experience the same!! Thank you :

Monica Tauzin

With the Sedona Vortex Retreat, my two daughters and I had one of the most incredible personal development experiences of our lives. Iala organized an amazing retreat with the most fantastic practitioners. Patricia’s nurturing and kinship, Aurora’s insight, Akal’s wisdom, Cheryl’s education, and Sharon’s guidance helped to get the most out of each and every activity. I look forward to participating in one of the retreats again soon. Blessings and gratitude, Monica

Marlene Keesler

Wisdom Guiding
As a spiritual teacher on the East Coast I take groups to many sacred places on this earth to tap into the land to help expand our transformation. Sedona is one of those places and Iala, Akal and the Sages of Sedona Vortex Retreat as our guides complemented our journey with grace, wisdom and willingness. They did a beautiful job of allowing our energies as a group under their direction, to grow and absorb the possibilities. We received bodywork, participated in Sound Meditation, the Medicine Wheel and a personalized tour of the major vortexes, all the while taking in the insight of these dedicated Sages. A greatly appreciated connection – did not disappoint.

Emi U

Thank you for a beautiful experience!! It’s been a month since my retreat and the weekend is still with me in a powerful and loving way. Reflecting back, Iala created an itinerary for me that flowed magically. I really enjoyed my time with each of the guides – Aurora, Akal, Bonnie and Patricia. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to see everyone again.


This was one of the best experiences for myself and my friend too. We had an absolutely wonderful, heartlifting, spirit-cleansing, brain expanding and joyous experience with Akal, Sharon, and Patricia. Godspeed the same to all of you. Iala Jaggs was such a great informative and kind person and helped so much in recommending what she thought would be the best for us. I don’t think I could ever come close to saying enough that would completely express how much we loved our experience. I would recommend this to anyone, at any time, for any reason if you are seeking this kind of experience. Open your heart, come here and be rejuvenated and inspired by these souls who will make sure you leave with a smile on your face and in your heart!!!!

Tara Greene

Just got back from my Sedona Vortex retreat. It was a rich rewarding experience. I loved every minute of it. I learned so much at each session and felt so uplifted and connected with the vortexes. Thanks so much to everyone at Sedona Vortex Retreats.