Feeling the Physical and Emotional

Our Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Aurora has wonderfully grounding energy.  She emanates quiet wisdom and calm strength.  I have known Aurora for years, and the benefits of these treatments never ceases to amaze me.

Jin Shin is a subtle, yet profound, healing art.  It’s a great blend of non-invasive (you don’t have to remove any clothing)  and comforting touch.

Your practitioner takes time to feel the pulses in your wrists, which tell them which energies (physical and emotional) are in need of attention.  Then, the session moves to quiet moments of the practitioner gently holding various pulse points throughout the body.

The experience is so calming — just the soft music in the background, and the quiet, steady breath of the practitioner.  Although I will admit that my own sessions also contain an occasional snore on my part, as I drifted between various levels of consciousness!

I have been witness to many of Aurora’s healing miracles and benefited from her life saving healing energy on several occassions myself!!  She is a true healer.  I beleive that Jin Shin Jyutsu is a profound healing modality.


The sweetness of these experiences last long after the treatment.


You will also appreciate the “take home” information — she is happy to teach you simple Jin Shin holds to practice on your own.

I love this information — the holds are so simple you can even use them while sitting in the movies or waiting line at a store.  Just another way to continue your experience even after your Sedona retreat has ended!

(1 Hour – $200. plus tax)  private session