The Vortex Experience

Learn all about the energies of the vortexes, how they’ll be affecting you during your stay and how to harness vortex energies for growth and clarity in your life. You’ll set strong intentions for your own personal growth and spiritual expansion and for your personal healing.

Sedona vortex experiences are a powerful and transformative way to experience Sedona’s vortex energy, world-renowned for its ability to transform, awaken and heal those who enter it.

Experience the extraordinary beauty and power of Sedona and its magical vortex energy. We’ll instruct you in tuning into and working with the vortex energy to allow insight, inspiration and transformation in your life right in the heart of the vortex energy.

You’ll connect with the Sedona vortex energy through visualization, meditation, cleansing and ceremony to fully awaken, renew and regenerate your Spirit

3 Hours  $600   ( $300 per additonal person)

Sedona will not disappoint you.