Woman seated on red rocks reaching to the sky.

De-stress Your Life Retreat

Really, you can go to a spa anywhere. But there's a reason why the Sedona De-Stress Your Life retreat experience is unparalleled and Sedona, Arizona is the right destination for you to let it all go. Where else are you going to find the talented practitioners in the healing, intuitive and relaxation arts Sedona is known for coupled with her extraordinary natural beauty and the transformational power ...
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Woman raises her arms to the sun while overlooking the red rocks of Sedona

Find Your Purpose Retreat

What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is this life all about? How can I make a difference? If you have come to a moment in your life where these questions are the ones that echo in your heart, then our Finding Purpose Retreat is for you. Take "time out" from the routine of your life. Stop and connect with your inner knowing ...
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Couple posing in front of red rocks.

Couples Connection Retreat

Our Sedona Couples Retreat is an opportunity for you and your beloved to reconnect in a deeply loving way in a powerful, uplifting and inspiring environment. The Sedona vortex energy intensifies everything--and it will intensify your love and renew your connection and commitment to each other. The Sedona Couples Retreat is private and is available year round. My wife and I came here on a spiritual ...
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Man meditating on the red rocks during a Sedona Vortex Retreat

The Sedona Vortex Immersion

This powerful retreat is focused on experiencing the vortex energy for life transformation. You'll connect with the Sedona vortex energy through visualization, meditation, cleansing, and inner practices to fully awaken, renew and regenerate your Spirit. You'll visit major and minor vortex sites chosen specifically for you. You'll learn about the differences in vortex energy and practice using them for specific purposes. Harness Vortex Energy for Your Own ...
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Shamanic journey retreat participants learn about the medicine wheel

Healing Journey Retreat

Sedona healing has been a part ofNative American cultures for at least the last two thousand years. Within the last 50 years, retreat and spiritual seekers from all over the world have made healing journeys to Sedonato bask in the energy of the Sedona vortexes and surround themselves with the great beauty and peace of the high desert and red rock landscape. Healing on every ...
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Woman on a Shamanic journey retreat climbs the channel of a red rock

The Sedona Shamanic Journey

This powerful Shamanic experience is vision quest for your life held directly on the sacred sites of the ancestors. You'll connect with the Sedona vortex energy through visualization, meditation, cleansing and ceremony to fully awaken, renew and regenerate your Spirit You'll also gain a deep connection to nature and the elemental world And you'll learn about the Medicine Way and how to embody your own personal ...
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