Sedona Retreat Packages that Go Above and Beyond the Rest

What makes our Sedona retreats different?

We are one of the few companies who have been authorized by the National Forest Service to conduct spiritual and shamanic ceremonies directly on the Sedona vortexes and to work with you in this manner. So, whether you’re looking to make a spiritual quest, experience the healing power of nature or simply pamper yourself in glorious red rock beauty, our Sedona retreats will take you out on the land and into the heart of the vortexes to experience all that the Spirit of Sedona has to offer. Contact us.

Our retreats also come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, any of our Sedona retreats can be tailored uniquely to you and your situation with our extensive selection of retreat sessions–or you can create your own Sedona vortex retreat completely from scratch.

 Our Sedona Retreat Packages 

Tipi at sunset on the sedona vortex retreatThe Sedona Vortex Retreat

Our signature retreat helps you
discover the magic of the Sedona
vortexes and how they can lift your
spirit and make you soar. The Sedona
Vortex Retreat is a deep immersion in
the Sedona vortex energy. (2.5-3 days)

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beautiful window overlooking the red rock on the sedona healing retreatThe Sedona Healing Journey

The Sedona Healing Journey Retreat
is for profound, personal healing in
the Sedona vortex energy.
(2.5-3.5 days)

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Finding Purpose sedona RetreatThe Finding Purpose Retreat

When it’s time to stop and connect
with your inner knowing, begin to
remember who you really are and
allow your purpose to be revealed,
then The Finding Purpose Retreat is
for you. (2.5-3 days)

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Sedona Vortex Yoga RetreatThe Sedona Vortex Yoga

Feel your feet upon the earth,
reaching your arms into a wide
expanse of sky, doing asanas and
meditation out on the land, in the
Sedona vortex energy. (2-2.5 days)

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Sedona DeStress RetreatThe Sedona De-Stress Retreat

Allow your stress to melt off you in
the healing energy of nature and take
a complete break from every day life
to renew and recharge your entire
being. Ahhhhhh…
(2-2.5 days)

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Sedona Spa RetreatThe Sedona Spa Retreat

Go out on the land and into the arms
of Mother Nature to be nurtured,
renewed and cared for in a way that not
only pampers your body, but also
renews and rejuvenates every aspect of
your being. (2-2.5 days)

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Sedona Couple’s RetreatSedona Couples Retreat

Our Sedona Couples Retreat is an opportunity
for you and your beloved to reconnect in a
deeply loving way in a powerful, uplifting
and inspiring environment. The Sedona
vortex energy intensifies everything, including
your commitment to each other. (2-2.5 days)

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Girlfriend Getaway Sedona retreatGirlfriends Getaway Retreat

Not for girlfriends only! This retreat
is an opportunity for you and your
favorite people to reconnect with
each other, recharge your spirits and
remember to celebrate what is truly
important in your lives. (2-2.5 days)

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Create Your Own Sedona Vortex RetreatCustomize Your Sedona Retreat

Any of our Sedona retreats can be modified
to be longer or shorter than the times listed.
If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for,
you may want to create your own retreat
exactly as you wish it.

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I first was introduced to Sedona Vortex Retreats last November. Having never been to Sedona or participated in a retreat of any kind, I was a little nervous. My nerves were completely unfounded. Iala was amazing!! Not only did she handle our booking in a professional and timely manner, she went the extra mile to make sure all aspects of our retreat was perfectly orchestrated in order to accommodate each of us. The spiritual advisors and practitioners we received treatments from were also professional, yet warm and welcoming, treating us like family. I feel the the whole experience was indeed life changing for myself. My journey to enlightenment was truly begun in and on the incredibly beautiful lands of Sedona and with Akal, Patricia and Aurora. Thank you so much for making my journey unforgettable–I am truly blessed to have met each and every one you. We are so coming back!!!

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Sedona Vortex Retreats Permit with the Coconino National Forest

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