tree at sedona vortexes

Twisted trees indicate the presence of vortex energy.

Sedona vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers.

Vortexes occur when there are intersections of ley lines and/or electromagnetic lines. How these energies intersect form the type of vortex that is created.

Magnetic, Electrical and Balanced Vortexes

There are magnetic vortexes. These are feminine in characteristic. Magnetic vortexes are vey nurturing and embracing. Cathedral Rock is a magnetic vortex. I call it the “womb with a view.”

An electrical vortex is masculine. Being at an electrical vortex is like drinking a double espresso. They are very energizing and mobilizing. Bell Rock is a strong electrical vortex. It is a great place to send out your prayers and intentions. It acts as a relay station sending those petitions straight up and out.

A balanced vortex is a mixture of electrical and magnetic, yin and yang. Airport is a balanced Sedona vortex. This is a wonderful place to gain perspective on your life and see the bigger picture.

twisting tree at sedona vortexesWhere Are the Sedona Vortexes?

There are four well-known Sedona vortexes: Airport, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and Cathedral Rock. They have been well documented and publicized. Page Bryant, a local Sedona medium, was one of the first people to name the Sedona vortexes in 1980. The local natives–Hopis, Navajo and Yavapai–all recognized the power and energy of Sedona vortexes long before that. Page also spoke of the Post Office Vortex and Indian Springs Vortex.

There are far more vortexes than that in Sedona. Sedona is enveloped with vortexes. A vortex can be detected and measured with dousing equipment. Wherever there is a vortex, the land is unutterably beautiful. Trees often grow in a spiral pattern, twisting in the energy field.

The Sedona vortex energy field rings out for 22 miles. All of Sedona is wrapped, enfolded and layered in the vibrations of multiple vortexes ringing out their powerful song.

How Will They Affect Me?

A vortex intensifies everything and that makes Sedona an enormous amplifier. Everything you are feeling will be amplified a thousandfold. If you are happy in Sedona, you will border on euphoria. If you are feeling love, you will be ecstatic. For this reason, it is very important to watch your thoughts and your feelings in Sedona. You will have instant examples of how powerful your thoughts can be.

bell rock in the sedona vortexes

Bell Rock is recognized as one of the four major Sedona vortexes.

Locals call Sedona “the University.” And we often say, “See you around campus.” Living in this field is a constant learning and growth experience.

We call this special field, this energy that is unique to Sedona the “Spirit of Sedona” – she is a strong , creative, loving and inspiring feminine presence. We are all here at her bidding, will and invitation.

A Sedona Vortex Retreat utilizes the Sedona vortex energy to accelerate your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing, expansion and transformation. Most of our sessions take place on the red rocks in the midst of the Sedona vortex energy and embraced in the arms of the Spirit of Sedona. We also conduct Sedona vortex tours.