This powerful retreat is focused on experiencing the vortex energy for life transformation.

You’ll connect with the Sedona vortex energy through visualization, meditation, cleansing, and inner practices to fully awaken, renew and regenerate your Spirit.

You’ll visit major and minor vortex sites chosen specifically for you.

You’ll learn about the differences in vortex energy and practice using them for specific purposes.

Harness Vortex Energy for Your Own Personal Use

The Sedona vortex sites are powerful energy centers that emanate from the earth. This geomagnetic energy, like the acupuncture meridians and chakras in the body, are the spiritual and life energy of the planet. This energy can be used to connect with Spirit and increase your own personal energy field. It can be used to empower your own sacred centers for wisdom, insight, clarity, greater compassion, peace, intuition, and abundance. Seekers from all over the world come to Sedona for personal and planetary healing.

Skilled guides will take you to a number of major and minor power spots best suited for your energy and goals. There you will experience their facilitation and assistance, as well as learn how to harness the energy for yourself so you can tap into Spirit and the power of nature anywhere in the world.

The Vortex Immersion Retreat will move you into a deeper space within yourself and give you the confidence and tools you need to increase your own magnetic field to keep your spiritual connection strong and make every day a sacred journey. Contact us.

My sister and I had a remarkable experience! I want to thank you for making a positive mark on our lives. We returned home with a refreshed perspective and much to contemplate. We both feel more enlightened for the experience we shared in our Sedona vortex retreat and we have embarked on a promising journey.” –Wendy Hawkins

The Sedona Vortex Immersion includes:

The Cleanse and Purify Thyself Vortex Experience for Releasing and Healing, Letting Go and Forgiving

You’ll learn all about the energies of the vortexes, how they will be affecting you during your stay and how to harness their energies for growth and clarity in your life. Then you will be facilitated in using the energies specifically for releasing and healing stuck energy and challenging issues in your life, as well as letting go and forgiving yourself and others.
(3 hours)

Reiki on the Rocks

Enjoy this powerful Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation on the red rocks of Sedona.  Includes a gentle hike to a power spot especially chosen to intensify and enhance your Reiki Session.  Vortex Reiki is unlike any Reiki session in the world.  The Spirit of Sedona will be called on to infuse and participate in your session.

with an Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing

The aura and chakras reflect your life experience. Your aura can become muddy and your chakras can get out of balance or even shut down from the stresses of daily life. This aura clearing and chakra balancing is a profound cleansing and activation. You will be renewed and re-energized in a powerful way.
(3 hours)

Vortex Counseling Session

It’s time to look at your life from an energetic perspective. Learn how to tap into the vortex energy no matter where you to facilitate your continued growth and awareness.
(2 hours)

Vortex Closing Experience with Medicine Wheel Ceremony

A very special Southwestern experience visiting one or more of Sedona’s private medicine wheels. You’ll receive medicine teachings and participate in a sacred ceremony for sending your prayers out into the Universe magnified by the vortex energy. This traditional ceremony is done on a sacred wheel on the land to connect deeply with heaven and earth and your own inner Spirit and guides. It’s a celebration of you and your growth, as well as empowering your new path and your way on this earth.

(2 hours)

The Sedona Vortex Immersion is 2-1/2 to 3 days in duration.

$1,250  (for one) plus 20% gratuity

$1,750  (2 ppl) plus 20% gratuity

$2,250  (3 ppl) plus 20% gratuity

$2,750  (4ppl) plus 20% gratuity

(Accommodations and meals not included. We will gladly assist you in recommending and booking accommodations.) Contact us.

Add Personalized Sessions

You may also like to add additional sessions to your Sedona Vortex Immersion while you are here. We recommend:

A Past Life Regression Session

Have you lived before? Travel the land of your past to inform your present and shape your future. Your subconscious is connected to your Higher Self and is aware of every lifetime you have ever lived. If you are considering a past life regression, it’s because your Higher Self is nudging your subconscious. It’s time for your conscious mind to be aware of a teaching, life lesson or valuable tool from a past life that you are not aware of or fully utilizing in this lifetime. Remembering and integrating this lesson will greatly benefit your current life.
(90 minutes)

Soul Retrieval

We have all had traumatic, shocking, wounding and shaming experiences. Life can fragment the soul. Bring your pieces home and learn how to stay whole. This process helps you reclaim the parts of you that have separated and disconnected. This is a powerful tool used by many shamans to recover and renew your soul.
(60 and 90 minutes)

How To Be Psychic

This is an in-depth session with one of Sedona’s finest psychics to learn how to access your own inner knowing and Psychic ability.  You will have new tools for going within and seeing with clarity through your third eye.  We all have innate psychic abilities–we are all intuitive beings.  It is time you learned to open and connect with your birthright.  Look to yourself for wisdom and connection.  (60 minutes) Contact us.

You may also choose to add additional experiences to your retreat or any of our 20+ retreat sessions.

The Vortex Immersion Retreat is literally a deep “whirlwind” experience that will spin your chakras and accelerate your spiritual path.

To gain more insight about what this Sedona spiritual retreat or any of our Sedona retreats can do for you, call us at (928) 282-0993.