There are four changing seasons in Sedona, and each season has something special to offer. Sedona has a pleasant weather most of the year compared any other place in the whole country. Regardless of the weather or season, Sedona can adapt and every season has a different experience and beauty to show.


Seasonal Sedona – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall in Sedona

Surprisingly to most who have never visited, Sedona has 4 changing seasons, each with special opportunities and changing scenery. Most of the year, regardless of the season, Sedona weather is mild and pleasant compared to other parts of the country, but there are a few things that affect Northern Arizona seasonally and may be of help to those planning a visit to… Read more at Gateway to Sedona

It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, raining , or snowing, Sedona always has a lot of very special things to offer. – mystical vortex energy, majestic canyons and a panorama of the unforgettable views of the beautiful crimson red rocks. Sedona, Arizona has always been a destination for spiritualists and creative artists.


A Place For All Seasons – North Central Arizona Has It All

Those who know Sedona know the area has something very special about it – a mystical energy, the famous New Age vortexes, canyons and a panorama of the unforgettable red rocks. Sedona has always attracted artists and spiritualists – but it’s also known for its… Read more at Canadian Traveller


Sedona A Jewel In The Desert

Filmed entirely here in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and it was a long time in the making and was featured and shown at the Sedona International Film Festival. It also almost won an award there as well, it came within half a point in it’s category of the audiences choice. And.. We plan on turning this into a full feature length movie in the future and covering all of the seasons in Sedona… Watch it here

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