Healing Energy Vortex

Most people, both locals and tourists, feel drawn and attracted to Bell Rock. Some say it has a strong energetic field around it. It’s likely because it’s one of the many energy vortex sites in the Sedona. An energy vortex is a whirpooling portal of universal interconnectedness. Basically, it’s the very essence of where we Read More

Vortex Hike Experience

A lot of people who visit Sedona, often say that they experienced an energetic force. Locals say that the Sedona vortexes are where energy lines come together to create a place of power that helps one’s perspective a little more clearer on something they’ve been seeking in their spiritual journey. Hiking Sedona’s energy vortex Native Read More

Vortex Adventures

Sedona, Arizona is one of the best places on Earth. Both locals and tourists love the energy that emanates through the land, the beautiful red rocks, the lush greenery, the great people, and even the fresh air. Most people actually feel the high frequency energy vibrating throughout the area. You will love hiking on the trails, Read More

Energy Vortex Experience

Everyone has a different personal experience with Sedona’s vortexes. One might see beautiful colors and swirls of energy, and another might have an uplifting experience. A Sedona vortex has a flow of energy that helps you soar to a much higher spiritual perspective. These vortexes enhance mediation that makes you feel one with the divine energies Read More

Power Meditating Sedona Vortex

One’s vortex energy experience in Sedona varies. One person might experience seeing energetic, colorful swirls, others might experience an uplifting feeling. Sedona vortexes has an energy flow that may help you experience a higher spiritual perspective. These vortexes amplify and energize mediation, and makes you feel being one with the Divine. Experience the Meditative Power Read More

Energy Vortexes Attracts Visitors

Sedona, Arizona is known for its amazing red rocks, art scene and spiritually-oriented people. Locals and tourists alike are drawn here to witness and experience the mystical energies of Sedona’s 4 mystical vortexes, which a lot of people claim have magical and energizing effects. Southern Arizona’s sun, ‘energy vortexes’ pull visitors to Sedona, Phoenix Named Read More

Summer Sedona Vortex Retreats

We are getting into our warmer summer season here, but that does not mean that retreats in Sedona AZ have to come to an end. While we are a desert landscape, and can experience high mid-day temperatures, there is still amply opportunity to connect with the sedona vortexes and special energies here in the mornings and Read More

Spiritual Healing Meditation Sedona Vortex Sites

It doesn’t matter if you only have a few hours to spend in Sedona, a whole entire weekend or an entire week, you should try and visit Sedona’s vortex sites for an unforgettable spiritual experience. Vortex sites and outdoor destinations are great for hiking, walks and adventures. Get over to Sedona and enjoy the vortex experience! Best Read More

Sedona For All Seasons

There are four changing seasons in Sedona, and each season has something special to offer. Sedona has a pleasant weather most of the year compared any other place in the whole country. Regardless of the weather or season, Sedona can adapt and every season has a different experience and beauty to show. Seasonal Sedona – Spring, Read More

Sedona New Agers Mystical Mecca

The ancient Native American Yavapai people knew about this energy they called “Great Mother”. They celebrated it through their art and paintings in very sacred dwellings. The Sedona vortexes are powerful spots of kinetic energy capable of a deep effect on the ones who visit them. There are four main vortexes are in Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Read More