The ancient Native American Yavapai people knew about this energy they called “Great Mother”. They celebrated it through their art and paintings in very sacred dwellings. The Sedona vortexes are powerful spots of kinetic energy capable of a deep effect on the ones who visit them. There are four main vortexes are in Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Airport Rock.


Arizona’s Sedona is a mystical Mecca for New Agers

It would be a shame if you wanted to visit Sedona in northern Arizona, but didn’t like the colour pink. Surrounded by enormous pink sandstone rock formations, the desert earth is pink and, because of strict building codes, the low adobe houses are painted in matching pink tones. The only other acceptable shade in town is green, as in the lush forest of the surrounding Verde Valley or the stunning range of… Read more at Stuff Destinations

A vortex is a place in nature where the earth is exceptionally active and very alive. A vortex is simply a center of life-force energy. It’s not magnetic energy. It’s also not electrical energy. But it’s an esoteric energy, and there are already scientific studies to prove its validity.


The Vortex Phenomenon: New Age meets the Ancient World

Sedona, Arizona is one of the world’s most revered home of these magical spots. It is in these red rock mountains where I learned the lowdown about these sites, and why they aren’t so crazy after all. In the case of Sedona, it’s a word used to mean “sacred site.” It’s a place that combines abundant natural beauty with a hard-to-define feeling of well-being and connectedness that people find there… Read more at Elephant Journal

Sedona Vortex Tour – Boynton, Sedona Airport, Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock In One Day

Sedona vortex energies are some of the most powerful in the world. Experiencing the vortex energies and integrating the Divine light and healing can help you to increase your awareness, heal, and tune into higher levels of light and expanded states of consciousness. If you have been to Sedona before and… Watch here

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