Sedona, Arizona is known for its amazing red rocks, art scene and spiritually-oriented people. Locals and tourists alike are drawn here to witness and experience the mystical energies of Sedona’s 4 mystical vortexes, which a lot of people claim have magical and energizing effects.


Southern Arizona’s sun, ‘energy vortexes’ pull visitors to Sedona, Phoenix

Named the Airport Mesa Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex and Bell Rock Vortex, they are described as energy fields in the Earth’s surface and subtle energy centers. In addition to the usual T-shirts and postcards found in downtown shops, Sedona has an abundance of New Age offerings… Read more at Star-Telegram

There’s a lot of vortex hikes throughout Sedona, Arizona that will allow tourists and visitors during a holiday or a retreat in Sedona to really experience ancient healing grounds within the red rocks. Ancient artifacts and records confirm Sedona, AZ has always been a very sacred place to Native Americans as they considered the area to be the birthplace of their spirituality.


Experience Sedona Vortex Magic With SpiritQuest

Sedona Arizona is located sixteen miles from Oak Creek Canyon where it stands above the heat of Phoenix and below the snowline in Flagstaff. The town is surrounded with sandstone rocks and cliffs of dusky-rose and a glistening creek of stunning shades of the canyon floor. The sandstone in Sedona is… Read more at Spirit Quest

Sedona Energy Vortex: Airport Mesa Energy Vortex

Airport Mesa is a balanced energy vortex. Balanced vortexes are a perfect combination of electrical and magnetic energy. They hold the energy of both yin and yang. The energy at Airport Mesa will help you to see things from a larger perspective as well as gain clarity and a higher vision for your life… Watch here

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