We are getting into our warmer summer season here, but that does not mean that retreats in Sedona AZ have to come to an end.

While we are a desert landscape, and can experience high mid-day temperatures, there is still amply opportunity to connect with the sedona vortexes and special energies here in the mornings and evenings. Indeed, the lighting on the rocks is often at its most captivating in these early morning and evening hours.

Outdoor sessions and tours in the Sedona red rocks take on a special glow with the rising and setting sun. Imagine a spiritual vortex Sedona yoga session as the sun is rising, the air cooling, and the rocks glowing.

Or an evening session of healing Reiki on the rocks.  Sedona healing retreats vortex experiences, wonderful at any time of the year, now offer chances to reconnect with the lizards and butterflies that reappear this time of year, and soon the baby quail will join us.

The warmer hours of the day are perfect for indoor healing sessions, or perhaps a sound healing in the unique Tipi Temple. Because your retreat in Sedona AZ is scheduled just for you, we can connect you with the magic of the sunrise, or take you out in the evening to catch the setting sun, letting you connect with Sedona’s energies at any time of the year.


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