Sedona, Arizona is one of the best places on Earth. Both locals and tourists love the energy that emanates through the land, the beautiful red rocks, the lush greenery, the great people, and even the fresh air. Most people actually feel the high frequency energy vibrating throughout the area. You will love hiking on the trails, especiall near Sedona’s energy vortexes.

Sedona Vortex Energies

Our Adventures on and about the earth vortexes in Sedona AZ

I like to take my shoes off, put my feet and hands on the red rock at the peak of the vortex, and feel the energy of the earth course through my body. Direct energy from the earth at an energy vortex – so far the best way I know to raise your vibration and ground the energies into your body. And, it’s really fun… Read more at

Vortexes, as believers say, is an invisible site or area with whirpooling energy emanating from the surface of the earth. These vortexes produces an uplifting energy that have a rejuvenating sensation that can heal one’s spirit. The source of the energy is unknown and not officially proven by science. However, this didn’t stop Sedona from building a culture and tourism industry around it. Sedona, is a place where crystal sellers, new aging hippies and mystics congregate.

New Age Sedona Vortex

Check out the New Age vibe in Sedona

Whether you believe in auras or not, Cathedral Rock stuns the senses. A gleaming sun beams over mustard-red buttes, spires and mesas that surround the city like the ruins of fortress walls. The air is warm but crisp. The silence of the vast desert landscape is interrupted only by calls from wildlife, the rustling of birds through trees and the occasional human passer-by. Everywhere you turn… Read more at The Denver Post

Vortex Destinations – High Vibe – Chakra Points on Earth – Sandra Rolus

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