Sedona’s vortexes are like funnels of energy that are concentrated in the center but can spread out about a mile in diameter. It is possible to actually go to these energy concentrated areas where you can jut sit down, meditate, and feel the energy. Some of energy vortexes require a little bit of a hike to access.


The Energy of Sedona

There are 4 main vortexes in the Sedona area but the energy in the entire area is really amazing. If you go to one of the vortexes, especially to the centers you can actually feel the energy. It feels like an uplifting, higher vibration experience. This is very similar to the feeling that you get after hours of meditation. I also felt this same experience in the crop circles in England. The energy you feel at the vortex centers can… Read more at

Sedona, Arizona is not only famous for its natural beauty but also its energy vortexes. Sedona literally has one of the most powerful energy spots on earth. This place has long been known for its spiritual power center. It really is a Spiritual Disneyland.

If you consider yourself sensitive to subtle energies and vibrations, the experience of standing at one of Sedona’s vortexes can be almost overwhelming. People from all over the globe come to Sedona to experience the energy that these vortexes emit.


Sedona’s Energy Vortexes

The subtle energy that exists at these locations interacts with who a person is inside. The energy resonates with and strengthens the Inner Being of each person that comes within about a quarter to a half mile of it. This resonance happens because the vortex energy is very similar to the subtle energy operating in the energy centers inside each person. If you are at all a sensitive person, it is easy to feel the energy at these vortexes… Read more at

Sedona Energy Vortex: Airport Mesa Energy Vortex

Airport Mesa is a balanced energy vortex. Balanced vortexes are a perfect combination of electrical and magnetic energy. They hold the energy of both yin and yang. The energy at Airport Mesa will help you to see things from a larger perspective as well as gain clarity and… Watch it here!

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