Red rocks’ dramatically shaped rock formations formed since the begining of time. The dramatic contrast of its green forests and clear blue sky. Sedona, AZ, is definitely considered as one of the most beautiful physical setting throughout America.


Art and soul abound in Sedona

Sedona’s scenic wonders have long drawn outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and most of all spiritual seekers, who believe that seven energy vortexes surround the town. On a recent trip, my husband and I learned more about those vortexes at Sedona’s Center for the New Age, which has maps of their locations as well as tarot cards, crystals, books, jewelry, and… Read more at The Gazette

If you have seen a postcard of Sedona, Ariona then you have probably seen an image of Cathedral Rock. The view of Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing is just the perfect Sedona backdrop with clear blue skies and majestic red sandstone rocks.


Cathedral Rock, the Sedona Vortex, and Red Rock Crossing

Let’s say you have just one afternoon to spend in Sedona, Red Rock Crossing just might give you the most bang for your red rock hiking, vortex seeking, creek splashing buck. Trailheads starting at Crescent Moon Ranch offer two short, easy hiking options to do it all, with once-in-a-lifetime views, and one extends into a more… Read more at Gateway to Sedona

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