Apparently energy vortexes is a big deal in Sedona. These centers of electromagnetic earth energy can actually be felt by human beings. Sedona vortex devotees swear by their transformative power and energy.


Why Sedona’s vortexes draw us in?

Only in Arizona: There’s no denying that the area’s natural splendor, and perhaps interest in the metaphysical, lure us to these energy centers. A dust devil ran me over one time. You know, those wannabe tornados that spin across the desert, a towering whirl of wind that thrusts dirt into your eyes, up your… Read more at

Sedona is about a 2-hour drive or so from Phoenix airport. Sedona is famous for its majestic red rocks, its flourishing arts scene and spiritually oriented people. Visitors and tourists are drawn here to experience the Sedona’s beauty and mystical energy vortexes.


Southern Arizona’s sun, ‘energy vortexes’ pull visitors to Sedona, Phoenix

Named the Airport Mesa Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex and Bell Rock Vortex, they are described as energy fields in the Earth’s surface and subtle energy centers. In addition to the usual T-shirts and postcards found in downtown shops, Sedona has an abundance of New Age offerings like… Read more at Star-Telegram

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