There is always something magical about Sedona that pulls you in. The beautiful and majestic red rocks, the brilliant entrance in a twisting canyon road, the mysterious vortexes that brings energy and serenity.


Getting sucked into the Sedona energy vortex

It’s not just the local hippies who are infected with the Sedona energy; Native American tribes have long insisted Sedona has spiritual importance. I’m not sure if I felt any remarkable energy infusions; however, I do know that the physical beauty and serenity of Sedona is incredibly refreshing. This was my second trip to Sedona, and… Read more at

Sedona, Arizona’s reputation as a spiritual hotspot has drawn artists and spiritual guides, and created powerful sites of worship for faiths and teachings of all kinds. Between the sun-soaked spires and lush greenery lies an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life routine.


Escape Politics: Find Spectacular Beauty, And Zen, In Sedona Arizona

You can find peace by just finding a pretty place, breathing the fresh air and appreciating the quiet. And many organizations offer spiritually-based programs. Three of the most well-regarded places of zen where locals and travelers gather to achieve relaxation and rejuvenation include the Amitabha Stupa… Read more at Forbes

Red Rock Crossing Vortex in Sedona AZ

Short scene from Red Rock Crossing, along with Cathedral Rock. Another Energy Vortex area in Sedona – feminine “Mama” energy, healing, emotional balance, compassion, peace… Watch here

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