Have you been thinking of trying yoga, but you’re not sure where to start? Afraid that your lack of knowledge of physical flexibility means that you can’t partake of the classes in your area? If you’re like many potential students, understanding the true nature of yoga can free you of these self-imposed limitations.

The Vortex Yoga Retreat introduces you to the true nature and gift of a yoga practice and will effortlessly remove your doubts and fears. Not to worry if you can’t sit cross-legged or touch your toes. Our yoga teachers realize that the physical aspects of yoga are secondary to the true nature of the practice — the connection you develop with yourself as you explore your inherent yoga nature.

To help you to understand this yourself,  your retreat will include developing your own meditation practice. As your meditation skills strengthen, you’ll come to realize that as long as you can breathe, you have automatic success with every pose! If you are not flexible, the very practice of accepting that physical inflexibility becomes, in itself, a successful practice. As part of your Sedona yoga retreat, you’ll begin to understand that there are a variety 0f yoga styles — and certain styles will best help you in your own practice. For some it is a very still practice, while for others it may involve more movement.

Learning and practicing your yoga with the Sedona vortex energy will begin your practice with the help of Sedona’s energies, and you’ll come to learn the poses that help you to become more grounded and those that energize you, those that release old energies and those that invite in powerful new energies.

Of course, the Sedona Yoga Retreat is not just for beginners. All yogis and yoginis of any ability level are welcome to deepen their practice in the vortex energies and great beauty of Sedona. Feel free to bring a camera and have your teacher photograph poses for you to take home. You’ll leave with a new knowledge of poses and yoga philosophy that you can with you and continue to grow!

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